American Accountability: sources, opinion, and the case for prosecution over torture and the Iraq war

It remains a shock when a government lies through its teeth – deliberately and outrageously. I resist the idea that politicians are liars by nature: the art of politics and persuasion is difficult and more honourable than it gets credit for.

via The Lib Dems must not stand for any more lies over the NHS | Polly Toynbee

Polly’s not writing about the Iraq War here, or torture, or rendition, or lying to the public, or mechanized automurder, or any of the other appalling ethical lapses that characterized the American years after 9/11.

She’s captured the very problem that will, if we don’t act, let American officials escape punishment for crimes we wouldn’t or shouldn’t ignore if they happened in another country.

I think it’s the American (and apparently British) penchant for dismissing all politicians as moral delinquents which got us here. “We should just expect them all to do terrible things, sure, that was terrible, but it’s over now; and they had a hard job with limited time to react and faced a lot of public pressure…”

Being a bad person, much less one facing hard circumstances does not excuse thievery, and it shouldn’t excuse our leaders from following the law either.

I hope the following posts and links will do something, however small, to convince you and your elected officials to make sure those responsible for American war crimes don’t leave this Earth thinking they got away with it.

Today’s new fun project: generate random English words for testing purposes.

An easy solution:

-(NSString *)aRandomWord


NSString *someAwesomeText = @”Some text…”

NSArray *components = [someAwesomeText componentsSeparatedByString:@” “];

NSInteger randomIndex = (random() % [components count]);

NSString *newWord = [components objectAtIndex:randomIndex];

return newWord;

But what to use for a unique set of words?
A quick google led me to all the words you can use in Scribblenauts. More than 22k!  Maybe I’ll play that game!
Check it out:


It’s about time I committed to writing regularly again. Those of you who know me  know I had to stop writing for a while–it simply wasn’t compatible with my mental health. But I’m all better now, and I’m looking to charge the neurons again.