The Ultimate Education/Enterprise Deployment Guide to Apple TV AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay Mirroring is a highly bandwidth intensive, low latency technology. All of our previous wireless APs (access points) were wireless N specification and yet the AirPlay Mirroring experience with a class full of students was unreliable. Increasing the number of APs to balance wireless usage helped, but not to the standard we were after.

After investigating various wireless vendors we made the move to Aerohive APs. It has greatly improved our AirPlay Mirroring experience and has allowed us to reduce our total number of APs. Now, each classroom containing an Apple TV also has an Aerohive AP330.

Special attention is required when positioning APs; for example, mounting an AP to a celling containing an air-conditioning duct may dramatically reduce the APs SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and greatly impacts throughput. WiFi Explorer is a Mac application for tracking signal to noise ratio of APs. A good AirPlay Mirroring experience requires a SNR of at least 25dB.

Source: The Ultimate Education/Enterprise Deployment Guide to Apple TV AirPlay Mirroring

Troubleshooting the NetBoot Process

Network booting a computer is a fairly straightforward, yet complex task involving many different pieces of technology. As such, troubleshooting it can be challenging. In this article I lay out the steps of the Netboot process on Mac OS X clients and indicate what technologies are involved at each step, how they could fail, and how to solve the issue.

Source: Mac Tips: Troubleshooting the NetBoot Process

Payload-free package template | Managing OS X

GBG! (God bless Greg!) Couldn’t figure out why a package wasn’t working. Much banging of head. Compared to template, duh, file in wrong place. Voila!

Here is a template payload-free package you can use to create custom payload-free packages for your own use. To use it, duplicate it, rename it, and edit the following files: payload-free.pkg/Contents/Info.plist – edit the CFBundleIdentifier, CFBundleShortVersion, and possibly the IFPkgFlagRestartAction. payload-free.pkg/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Description.plist – edit the IFPkgDescriptionDescription and IFPkgDescriptionTitle. Repeat for other languages if desired. payload-free.pkg/Contents/Resource

Source: Payload-free package template | Managing OS X