Almost My Dad’s French Orange Cake

When I was about 12 or 13, my father introduced me to the best cake I’ve ever eaten–a basic bundt cake, as I remember, soaked in a wonderfully sticky orange syrup.

I tried to find the crinkled, yellowed NY Times clipping in my father’s things after he passed, but I never succeeded.

This NYT Cooking recipe by Moira Hodgson is very, very close to what I remember. It’s probably better to my adult palate because Dad always used orange juice concentrate; I’m sure it was hard to get good oranges in the winter in Maryland. I’ve added a bit of Northern California foodie culture by decorating not only with the called-for icing sugar but also pomegranate seeds and cardamom-scented whipped cream…and a couple of tablespoons of Bruto Americano in the syrup. 

Photo when it comes out on the table tonight!
Merry Christmas, everyone–

Source: Orange Cake Recipe